Loads of teaching

I'm a planner. Both my weekly routine and my goals for a couple of months ahead I try to plan meticulously. Obviously, you try to estimate the time needed for all your activities as accurate as possible. The problem is however: How do you do this when you've never undertaken a certain activity before?

Take grading, for instance. For the first time, I'm teaching a Master Seminar in the Behavioral Economics Track and this involves the grading of group assignments. Fortunately, there are only twelve of them, but even then, it takes me much longer than anticipated beforehand. It proves to be difficult to determine how good of an answer I should expect from these students and I find myself struggling to be consistent and efficient across submissions. This holds true especially for the open questions that end with a "Motivate your answer" or "Explain". As a result, I've been predominantly occupied with grading and other teaching-related activities, and research has somewhat disappeared to the background lately.

This week yet another new challenge emerged: coming up with a proper exam question. Good thing I like it...